A programmer is a specialist who creates source code for a program. Such a program can be a computer operating system, a video game, a web or mobile application, and even a microwave operation algorithm. The program code is written in a special programming language. It consists of ordinary words and some special characters. Today there are several hundred programming languages, but the most common of them are Java, Python, PHP, C #, JavaScript, C, C ++, Objective-C, Swift. What programming language to choose, the programmer decides himself depending on the specific task (to make a game, an application for the web or a program for the server) and his own knowledge. A qualified programmer confidently uses 2-4 languages.


What attracts young people to programming?


Advantages of the profession of a programmer:

High salary. The average salary of a highly qualified programmer is 70-100 thousand rubles.

demand. The labor market for programmers is growing due to the digitalization of all spheres of public life. Online education, telemedicine, the Internet of Things (IoT), even agriculture now does not do without IT specialists.

Interesting tasks and scope for creativity. What does the programmer do at work? Writes code, tests, checks for vulnerabilities, rewrites code. However, the final result of coding is a working program with different goals. Some programmers create games. Others program robots. Still others make a useful Android application. The fourth create an aggregator, which will collect all the tickets of world airlines in one service for booking tickets. Diverse, isn’t it? And when the product starts to work properly, the programmer feels joy, like the character of dad Carlo, who from the wooden logs has been venting a live boy.

Possibility of remote work and free schedule. Programmers are a caste of people to whom strict office rules do not apply. To maintain creativity and efficiency, they are allowed to work from home, come to work later. And, if you do not know yet, the best offices belong to IT companies. Check out Google, Microsoft, Yandex and Mail.Ru.

Career growth in Russia and abroad. There are no geographic boundaries for programming. First, many Russian specialists work remotely in foreign projects. Secondly, it is much easier for an IT professional with excellent knowledge of English to move to the Silicon Valley (more accurately call it Silicon) than, for example, an accountant, a lawyer or a civil engineer who will have to learn the specifics of a profession in a particular country.



Sedentary lifestyle. Without physical exertion during off-hours, a programmer runs the risk of spending most of his salary on doctors. Especially affected vision and musculoskeletal system.

Rapid obsolescence of knowledge. The programmer needs to constantly learn. Programming is developing rapidly, so the programmer must read the specialized journals and Internet resources, receive new knowledge and certificates for courses. Otherwise, its value as a specialist in the labor market will fall.

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