The number of used smartphones on planet Earth is gradually approaching two billion. Mobile apps are installed on each of these smartphones – from hours and weather to interesting games and calculators. The crucial moment when we received sophisticated smartphones with “phones”, “messages”, “hours” and “calculators” applications from simple phones with simple functions marked the beginning of the development of this market. Many developers make their applications and upload them to Google Play or the App Store, so that such as we can download them for free or buy.

Every day we play games. Do you notice it? We play games with everything that surrounds us.

The game is a part of our everyday reality. The latest computer development in the field of games amazes with its capabilities, therefore the gamification tool and promotional games are another effective way to promote your business and increase the communicative effectiveness of advertising.

Why is mobile development the most promising?


  1. Projects pay off as quickly as possible;
  2. The audience grows rapidly.

Stages of development

  1. Analyze the market, see what is in trend today and separate from competitors;
  2. Come up with an idea, find the best way to implement it;
  3. Design game design and provide the client with documentation describing the content and rules of the game;
  4. Start developing a gaming application;
  5. Go to the web-development, whose task – to provide web-services that can withstand more than 10 thousand requests per second;
  6. Test the gameplay, evaluate the functionality and the degree of interest in the content;
  7. Run the project on the servers;
  8. To be engaged in promotion of the application on relevant sites;
  9. Rate the results.


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